Thee Soviet's online shopping mall...

Now you can go on a shopping spree for all sorts of weird stuff! Check out: theesoviet.bigcartel.com for all sorts of prints, art, t-shirts, etc etc. Updates coming!



SUPREME & Soviet

These winter hats were designed for the legendary New York streetwear brand, Supreme. They feature the Supreme sports logo and the catch phrase: "F*ck what you heard."


Hello My Name Is... Group Show at The Fridge

Here's a preview of some of the pieces that will be in the upcoming international group show at the Fridge Gallery in Washington DC on May 2013! The first one is Tim Conlon, check out his awesome art at: conoperative.com. Learn more at: http://www.thefridgedc.com/portfolio/hellomynameis/


Sanrio Hello Kitty Hello Art NYC

I was invited to put some paintings in the Hello Kitty Hello Art book release show in New York this winter. I was honored to show work next to some great artists that were involved. All of the artwork there was amazing, paying homage to Sanrio's beloved pop characters, most notably of all, Hello Kitty. Fashion icon Betsy Johnson & curator Roger Gastman shown below.

Street Art? Oxymoron!

That's just my opinion, but if you look close enough, you'll get another 'piece of mine'...
2013 NYC White/blackbook page for the god ASTone.

Evil Mansion Fliers

Two flyer designs for the custom pinball machine Evil Mansion of Mind Expansion. 

Animorphic Alphabet

This illustration was done for a zine of alphabets produced by CURVE. Each letter is indicitive of a person, place or thing of the biblical era.. A=Archangel, B=Bishop, C=Caesar Caligula, etc.etc.


Infamous Magazine x Soviet

Illustration done for the Infamous Magazine article on the graffiti writer HERT.

Streetheart Clothing x Soviet

This illustration was done for the Streetheart clothing line, featuring a bad girls sleepover as the theme. Notice the negative space that spells trouble for those who aren't in the know. The bottom picture is of a custom gold coffin belt buckle molded from a hand-lettered graphic.


The Evil Mansion Of Mind Expansion

The Evil Mansion of Mind Expansion custom pinball machine 2013

Over a year in the making, this fully-functioning revitalized retro rocker is the brainchild of Tilt Warning Customs. The idea behind the Tilt Warning project was to take a retro pinball machine, disassemble it to the point it is a blank canvas, and let the artist create their own pinball game! Being a fan of pinball I was ecstatic when I got the green light to paint my own machine. Evil Mansion is a twisted, LSD inspired pinball party where you should definitely try the punch! The playfield and cabinet are hand-painted, the plastics and backglass are hand drawn and screen-printed (by Wade Krause). The custom plunger is even shaped like a sugar cube that will leave you spun out in the muck! See more at: tiltwarning.com